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5 Ways to Make Interior Paint Dry Faster

It’s hard to find the patience to wait for paint to dry and as the weather gets colder it becomes increasingly difficult to get it to dry in a timely fashion. Painting contractors are well aware that time is money and saving time between coats is essential. Here’s some tips and tricks to help reduce the drying time.

#1 Apply light coats

The general rule-of-thumb is that thinner coats of paint dry faster. A common technique for interior painting is to spray and back-roll (spray the walls followed immediately by rolling over them with a roller). This technique, combined with a fine finish spray tip, allows for thin coats and the end result is the traditional stippled interior wall finish that we’re used to. This is very efficient and will save on application time, drying time and paint costs.

#2 Increase the airflow in the room

It may sound like commonsense but increasing air flow dramatically speeds up the paint drying process. Using a ventilator or pedestal fan is a great way to increase airflow. A ventilator fan is an ideal solution as it can move the paint odours to another room or outside (with ducting attached) and increase airflow. These units are cost-effective and are extremely reliable.

#3 Use a heater

Heaters such as small electric heaters (around 2400W) are perfect for warming small rooms when the temperature is low. Large diesel heaters are ideal for larger spaces or even entire houses where there is adequate ventillation and space. Just make sure heaters are not too close to any walls to ensure you don’t overheat the paint which may cause it to blister.

#4 Decrease humidity with a dehumidifier

Paint stores are increasingly advocating the use of dehumidifiers to help paint dry. The first phase of the paint drying process is evaporation. Dehumidifers directly affect this by removing the water content faster. Dehumidifiers also help to prevent paint drips and runs that are result of high humidity.

#5 If possible buy fast-drying paints

This one is rather obvious but when time is of the essence you can choose paints with faster drying times. Acrylic paints are known for their quick drying properties. Just look for the drying times on the pail or ask your paint supplier for the best option.

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